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7 Steps For The Perfect Morning

1. Prepare Everything the Night Before

wallet, keys, cell phone

Make sure you have everything right where you need it, so there's no stress in the morning. Have your clothes already picked out, your keys ready, and your breakfast planned.

2. Get Plenty of Rest
Make sure you get a night of quality sleep, and go to bed early.

3. Wake Up 1 Hour Earlier Than Usual
Whatever time you usually wake up, get up about 45 minutes or an hour earlier. This makes everything a lot less stressful. It's nice to be able to take your sweet time in the morning. You could even turn on some music to reinforce a positive vibe.

4. A Glass of Water

glass of water

Your body probably hasn't had water in about 8 hours, so now is the time to drink up and rehydrate yourelf. A full glass should be enough.

5. Exercise and Stretching
Stand up and stretch. Do a few simple exercises such as crunches or squats. This is the hardest part of the morning routine. If you're very tired and cranky in the morning, you can start gradually by doing crunches in bed.

6. Take a Refreshing Shower
Your shower shouldn't be particularly hot or cold, but slightly warm. This will help you wake up and feel alive. For this reason, it's better to shower in the morning than at night.

7. Eat Breakfast Outside

breakfast outside

Make yourself a nice large breakfast consisting of some eggs, whole wheat bread, fruit, and a healthy cup of coffee. An alternative to the eggs would be a nicely decorated bowl of cereal.

Now, take your breakfast and eat it in the yard. If you don't have a backyard, sit on your balcony or patio so you can enjoy the outdoors, the sky, and get a few minutes of healthy sunlight.

At this point, you're well rested, wide awake, stretched, hydrated, nourished, hurry-free, and well grounded with the outdoors.

You're now ready to tackle the day with full force!

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